Let me show you how to boost your confidence, snag more compliments, and attract more opportunities with this
FREE simple 7-part makeover

From: Aisha Jones, San Diego, CA

To: Soon-To-Be Former Plain Jane

What would you do if you were middle-aged, overweight, and married to your high school sweetheart who is now an alcoholic? Would you resign yourself to this life, or would you get tired of what has become ordinary and make a change? My friend Corey chose change; she stepped off the Plain Jane path.

Believe it or not, the spark for this change was a makeover. It started with shopping trips. Slowly I fed her other tips and helpful information, until finally she was able to build up her confidence and move herself and her kids to a better environment.

At the time, the information provided to her was unstructured and off the cuff. She implemented less than 15% of the tips that are now available in this structured and comprehensive mini-course, and she was still able to achieve great life-changing results. Your situation may not be as dire as hers, but you may still be tired of the ordinary.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, or even if you just chuckled at them, you are in need of a SERIOUS MAKEOVER. All joking aside, a makeover is one of the quickest ways to boost your confidence. There are plenty of reasons to want a total transformation: a recent break-up, pure amusement, job hunting, or you just finished watching Miss Congeniality and Pretty Woman back-to-back. However, the most important reason is you. Do it for you.

Don't feel overwhelmed - you can go baby step by baby step with this educator-designed course. There are too many reasons not to pass up this opportunity...

Skyrocket Your Confidence

When you look better, you feel better. Anyone who has had a bad hair day can attest to that. No more sitting in the corner at parties. No more feeling awkward in social situations. Be comfortable with yourself and know what makes you look beautiful. To face the world, you are going to need a lot more than a little black dress: you need to be captivating.

Glow from Compliment Overload

A compliment is like vanilla ice cream melting on a warm piece of pie straight from the oven. Flattery is like the sizzle on a juicy steak that is being brought over to your table after a long wait. It’s like the tinkling of the ice in a sweet glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. Okay, now I’m hungry and thirsty, but the point is that compliments are the little things that make life better. They put a smile on your face throughout the day. Getting more compliments = increased happiness, and I don’t think there is a therapist on the planet that will disagree with that.

Remember my friend Corey? I helped her shop and pack for a trip to visit her family in the Midwest. She came back glowing and talking about all the compliments she received from her family. They were asking her for fashion advice! The Former Plain Jane had become the Chic Guru of the Midwest.

Watch Opportunities Fall from the Sky

Unfortunately, we have all heard the statistics that attractive people earn 5% more than less attractive people. The advantages offered to attractive people are so numerous that the research has been complied into a book called The Beauty Bias by a Stanford law professor. The book shows that your appearance can get you more promotions, attract more clients, and even garner you more mentoring, which all lead to a larger paycheck.

Now before you curse your parents for the genetic hand dealt to you, take a deep breath: a number of these variables are well within your control, and they are all outlined in my FREE 7-part course. This covers a lot more than just how to dress.

I Am a Former Plain Jane

Like it is for most people Junior High was pure torture for me. I wasn’t one of the “pretty girls.” I felt like the ugly duckling without the fairytale ending (I have photographic proof, but you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands). After one particularly humiliating day, I decided to do something about it. I started working out and learning about clothes, make-up, and hair because I was determined to reinvent myself for the next school year. Guess what? It worked! And it has been working ever since.

The interesting thing is that I now make a living doing this. I am a wardrobe artist/entrepreneur. Style is in my blood. I read 13 fashion blogs a week, subscribe to several style magazines, belong to the Sustainable Style Foundation, and write 2 fashion blogs including the Accessories column for the San Diego Examiner.

I have worked on photo shoots, commercials, music videos, pageants, and fashion shows. Armed with a diploma in professional fashion styling and an MBA in marketing, you can be certain that I have been trained in all areas of styling such as color, body, shape, and lifestyle design and how all of these can work together to better present yourself to the world and bring greater opportunities to you. To get started simply fill out your name and email and click the "Send Me My First Lesson Now" button.

These lessons were designed by a highly rated educator so that they are easier to understand and even easier to implement. The entire 7-part series includes audio, action steps, links to additional resources and videos, checklists, and even quizzes!

What you'll learn:

Lesson 1

How to guarantee a successful style transformation

  • 3 ways to find money to assist in your style transition
  • What failed diet attempts have taught me about how to create successful makeovers that stick
  • 3 crucial questions you must answer to inspire a lasting transformation

Lesson 2

Skip all the B.S. and focus on what works for you

  • Learn what colors work for you and your body type
  • My jeans mistake that made me look 7x my real size - you may be making the same mistake!
  • How to lose 15 pounds in one day (or at least look like you did)

Lesson 3

Hair and make-up for real people - less hassle and more glam

  • What you shouldn't leave the house without
  • Checklist of who should be on your beauty team
  • Why it took me 28 years to finally get the make-up I wanted - now you can get the shortcut

Lesson 4

The items to get now - you are only 12 items away from a chic wardrobe

  • The 12 pieces that should be a part of everyone's wardrobe (I call them the 12 Apostles of Style)
  • The essential item you should steal from your husband's or boyfriend’s closet
  • How your feet can be chic without the pain of high heels

Lesson 5

Discover the difference between dressed and well-dressed

  • How to turn heads with these simple tips
  • What we can learn about style from eating a great ice cream sundae
  • Flatter your face with the one thing you should put on every day

Lesson 6

Secrets of the well-groomed revealed

  • How you can still look a mess even if you are clothed in Prada and Gucci
  • When not to trust your gut when it comes to being captivating & chic
  • The secret to looking like you had a facelift

Lesson 7

Make beauty more than skin deep - how to be stylish down to your core

  • 5 wildly unexpected ways to show your inner princess
  • Making your transformation stick - a simple plan
  • The one thing every style icon does

This free 7-part course was designed to give you an overview of the makeover process and allow you to take the information as far as you would like to go. If you are still not convinced that this free course is right for you, allow me to answer a few questions.

  • Question: I'm not stick thin; can this free 7-part course help me?

Absolutely. Most people would agree that Oprah Winfrey is beautiful, captivating, and chic, but we would not say that she is pencil thin. Nevertheless, every month she graces the cover of her magazine looking like pure perfection. Don't get caught up in the numbers on the scale!

By the way, my friend Corey wore a size greater than a size 16.

  • Question: I don't have any money. Can you be chic on a budget?

This is another huge misconception. I am currently looking at several magazines spread across my desk with headlines such as "Budget Fabulous," "The 6 most affordable pieces you'll ever buy," and "Update you style for under $100." If being chic required a huge price tag, I'd go hurl myself off a cliff into the ocean never to be seen again.

  • Questions: I'm not what would be considered pretty; is it possible for me to be captivating and chic (because I don't think it is)?

Everyone has something that they are good at doing. Similarly everyone has something that is beautiful about them. What I also know from my past experience is that if your self-esteem is not what it should be, you will be blinded to the beautiful part of yourself. You will love Lesson 7 of the course because it directly talks about this.

  • Question: I don't have time in the mornings or on weekends for primping, preening, and spending hours at the mall or salon. All this nonsense is only for women with lifestyles like on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, right?

Not true. I wouldn't be good at my job if I said it is going to take you two hours in the morning to get ready and four hours every weekend to achieve the look you want. What you do is develop systems that fit with your lifestyle and personality. Essentially, you have to laser focus on what looks good on you. This course is 7 parts. You get one lesson a week. If you don't have time to do the action steps, just hold onto the emails and get started at your leisure.

  • Question: This seems like a lot of great information; why are you giving this away for free?

There are two primary reasons. The first is very selfless. I want everyone to have access to this information. I know how this information can make people feel better about themselves. Could you imagine how wonderful the world would be if everyone had great self-esteem?

The second reason is pure shameless self-promotion. There may be people that like the information that I give away and choose to work with me one-on-one to truly bring about a quick and dramatic style transformation.

P.S. There is no reason not to try this mini-course. There are just 7 emails standing between you and the new chic you. Get started today!


"My color analysis from Aisha Jones really helped me put together a wardrobe that suited my coloring. I finally realized why things that looked great on the hanger just didn't look good on me. The right color for your skin tone makes a huge difference. I look better (and younger) in the colors she recommended for me and have received many compliments on the new things I have bought. Her suggested color combinations opened up new ways for me to pair accessories with my outfits and gave me more bang for my buck. Incorporating more color into my wardrobe was something I always wanted to do but simply didn't know how. This is valuable information that is well worth learning. "

Rossana V.

Pasadena, CA